Veterinary products

TraumaPet® Ag product range is based on the antibacterial effects of silver. In combintion of other active pharmaceuticals, they accelerate recovery and prevent suffering of our four legged companions. TraumaPet® products are made in Czech republic in accordance with GMP.

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Silver and nanotechnology

Veterinary products TraumaPet® Ag contain number of active pharmaceutical compounds and silver in the nanoparticulate form, which enhances its antibacterial properties that have been used for centuries. Silver nanoparticles kill bacterial by targetting their enzymes and metabolic pathways. The organisms die within several minutes of contact.

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Ask your veterinarian

Inquire your veterinarian about the correct use and application of TraumaPet® Ag products. You can view list of veterinarians acessible across the Czech Republic. You can also contact us by filing in a form in case you would like to receive more information and advice about the use use of TramaPet Ag products.

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For pet owners

For the owners and breeders of animals, we regularly update articles regarding the correct care for the animal well-being and health as well as technologies and techniques for effective treatment of wounds and diseses.ocí.

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For veterinarians

WARNING: Articles of veterinarians contain images which are aimed at the specialist