WARNING: Articles of veterinarians contain images which are aimed at the specialist audience.

The animal suffered a deep pyoderma. Inflamed lesion was treated locally and the patient was prescribed to apply TraumaPet® Cremor Ag 5 times per day onto the wound (Fig.nbsp;1).

Three days later, the patient did not reach a satisfactory recovery and the situation was rather getting worse despite regular application of TraumaPet® Cremor Ag as prescribed. The affected wound has been covered with a thick crust which was not removed by the owner after the initial treatment. In comparison to the original state, the wound condition worsened and the dermis was oedematous (Fig.nbsp;2). The owner was instructed to apply TraumaPet® Cremor Ag directly onto a clean wound and not o the dirt that contaminated the wound.

Five days later after correct treatment and regular application of TraumaPet® Cremor Ag the lesion has almost completely healed. This case shows the great importance of appropriate treatment and cleaning for an early recovery.